PVC Waterstop (Waterproofing Tape)

PVC Waterstop (Waterproofing Tape)

Suitable Solution

for Shape Changes in Structures

PVC Waterproofing Tape should be used in order to prevent deformations, deterioration that may occur in the buildings, and to ensure water tightness.

PVC Waterproofing Tapes are used in the expansion and contraction joints in the reinforced concrete structures, in order to provide water tightness and to prevent damage to the building in the construction joints formed in concretes poured at different times since the concrete casting process is not continuous.

How is it produced?

The blend of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and various chemical additives that increase the life and strength of the material, and dyestuff are produced by shaping them in the extruder at a certain temperature and pressure. While manufacturing, based on the international standards such as TS 3078, DIN and ASTM and specifications of the institutions such as DSI, HIGHWAYS etc. high quality production is made.

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