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GEOPLAS Geosynthetics

Brief Information About Our Company

GEOPLAS Geosynthetics is a leading and leading organization of the geosynthetic market of Turkey with its experienced and dynamic staff of 350 people today.

GEOPLAS Geosynthetics is a leading company that can produce all of the Geosynthetic products under one roof in terms of product variety in the world.

‘’Success is not about walking on the best path, it's about being the best path you walk’’ it con

It is established on an area of ​​81.000 m² in Ankara Başkent Organized Industrial Zone and serves with 5 different production facilities.

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GEOPLAS Geosynthetics; production capability and capacity in one of Turkey's most powerful companies.

GEOPLAS Geosynthetics' world-class 81.000 m² production facilities are located in Başkent Organized Industrial Zone. Procurement, production and control services are carried out in the facilities.

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Our Products

GEOGUARD® - Polyethylene Geomembranes

According to different usage areas, high density polyethylene geomembranes are called HDPE, low density polyethylene geomembranes are called LLDPE-VLDPE...


GEOBENT® - Geosynthetic Barrier – Clay

Geobent Sodium Bentonite Clay Cover is used as a geosynthetic barrier with its high impermeability feature...


SOLUTEX® - Polypropylene Geotextile

Solutex Polypropylene Geotextile is the geotextile with the highest resistance to chemical wastes and carrying capacity...


SOLUTEX® - Polyester Geotextile

If geotextile is to be used for drainage, filtration and separation of water without chemical content, it is recommended to use Solutex Polyester Geotextile...


DRAINMESH® - Geonet & Geonet Composite

It is a pressure resistant (3D) three-dimensional polymer drainage product produced to create a hollow structure that allows liquid and gas evacuation...


DRAINMESH® - Pipe Shield (Rock Shield)

GEOPLAS is a pipeline protection cover produced by Geosynthetics as a raw core structure or single-double-sided lamination...


GEOPACK ® - Geocell

Geopack Geocell cellular filling systems are geosynthetic erosion control products produced from high density polyethylene...


Loyal established by Şerefoğlu and GEOPLAS Geosynthetics started its production operations in 1990, is today 350 persons experienced and dynamic team of staff of Turkey geosynthetics market leader and a leading provider. GEOPLAS Geosynthetics continues to work as a leading company that can manufacture all of the Geosynthetic products under one roof in terms of product diversity in the world.