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GEOPACK ® - Geocell

GEOPACK ® - Geocell

High Resistance Filling System Increasing

Ground Strength

Provides the ability to grow plants on grounds and sloping lands that are not suitable for growing plants. Thus it provides erosion control and increases the slope stability.

Geocell cellular filling systems are geosynthetic erosion control products made of high density polyethylene. With its hollow structure and design, it allows the use of different types of filling materials. It is used in soil stabilization applications, greenable slope and erosion control applications, greenable retaining wall applications and concrete-aggregate filled channel constructions.

Application Areas


In steep slope applications where it is not possible to place cellular panels due to the slope, the soil structure can be protected by vertical walls made of geocells. In such applications, geocell cells not only hold the soil, but also provide drainage throughout the life of the structure.


In channels with a water flow rate of 2.00 m/sec, Geopack Geocell allows the settlement of the earth fill by making a grass cover. In addition, Geopack Geocell provides a flexible structure and can easily hold concrete on steep channel slopes.


Geocell cell walls prevent the movement of aggregates due to the applied loads and keep the aggregates together. The applied loads are distributed over a wider area via geocell rather than a direct point of contact.


Geocell systems placed on steep slopes are designed to hold the filling material and limit its movements. This function eliminates the formation of capillary cleavages which is an important cause of erosion.