About Us

About Us

GEOPLAS, which started as a private company with the title of Sadık ŞEREFOĞLU at the beginning of 1990 and celebrates its 30th anniversary today, continues to produce for the well-being of our country and targeting future generations as a fully integrated facility that can produce all Geosynthetic products under one roof with its experienced and dynamic personnel.

The words of our founder Sadık ŞEREFOĞLU, which will be referred to as his "manifesto" over years, became the principle of the GEOPLAS family; SUCCESS IS NOT WALKING ON THE BEST ROAD, BEING THE BEST ON THE WAY YOU WALK!

Our companies, which inspect the products coming from the latest technology production lines in their own R&D laboratories, support these processes with regular trainings with the idea that the biggest investment should be made to people. All of our companies, which constantly invest in environment as well as worker’s health and safety, display a responsible attitude in this respect and are certified by international companies.

""Success is not walking on the best road,
being the best on the way you walk.""

Sadık Şerefoğlu

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