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About Us

GEOPLAS Geosynthetics, which started as a sole proprietorship under the name Sadık ŞEREFOĞLU in 1990 and is celebrating its 33rd anniversary today, continues to produce for the benefit of our country and for future generations as a fully integrated facility that can produce all geosynthetic products under one roof. With its experienced and dynamic staff, the company is working to meet the needs of both the domestic market and exports to over 27 countries in 4 continents, contributing USD 25 million to the country's economy each year.

The words of our founder, Sadık ŞEREFOĞLU, later referred to as his "manifesto," have become the principle of the GEOPLAS Geosynthetics family: "SUCCESS IS NOT TO WALK ON THE BEST PATH, IT IS TO BE THE BEST ON THE PATH YOU WALK!" The company prioritizes production and exports for the country's economy and invests in people through regular training and development.

GEOPLAS Geosynthetics operates its own R&D centers to inspect its products produced on cutting-edge technology production lines and takes a responsible approach to occupational health and safety and the environment, certified by international companies.

"Success is not walking on the best road,
being the best on the way you walk."

Sadık Şerefoğlu

Our expert staff, innovative ideas, and application ability enable us to be a significant player in the field of geosynthetics both now and in the future. Over the years, our wide range of products and experience working on mega projects with various engineers have contributed to the rapid growth of our group of companies.

In all international projects that are considered challenging, we have successfully met project objectives with our engineering experience and practical skills, with usability as the top priority. We are a solution partner in successful projects, thanks to our leader, innovative, and young vision. We maintain a customer- and quality-oriented approach, our principle of perfectionism, and our disciplined work ethic to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of our projects.

With GEOPLAS Geosynthetics engineering, we have achieved many successful projects worldwide, and we aim to secure projects that will have an impact on the African, Gulf and Eastern European markets in the near future. With the increasing use and importance of geosynthetic products worldwide, our goal is to make GEOPLAS Geosynthetics a world brand. We plan to expand GEOPLAS Geosynthetics technology beyond our borders and continue production in other countries in the near future.

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