GEOPLAS, which started its production activities in 1990, has constantly renewed and developed itself as integrated into the developing world. By following the innovations closely, with its experienced staff and national production power, it has become a leading company in the Turkish Geosynthetic market.


- Istanbul Branch was Opened. - The 2nd Packaging Machine was Commissioned For Cat Litter Production. - Geoplas Russia was Founded.


-2nd 6,25 HDPE Geomembrane Line was Commissioned. - Carpet Confection Lines were Established. (PRINTING - SIZING)


- Geoclay Company was Established in a 10,000 M² Factory. - Geocarpet Company was Established. - 2 RAM Furnaces were Installed and Commissioned for Carpet Production. - Cat Litter Packaging Lines were Established. - Mill Line was Commissioned for Industrial Raw Material Production.


— Mining Facility was Commissioned


- Fiber Production Lines were Established. - 2. GEOCELL Line was Established. - Fertilizer Conveyor Belt Production Line was Established.


- Geoplas was Moved To 50.000 M² Production Plant In Baskent Organized Industrial Zone. - GEOTEXTILE Factory was Established. - 4 New GEOTEXTILE Production Lines were Established. - Textured HDPE Geomembrane Production Started. - Shoe By-Products (KUNPLAS) Production Started.


- In Order To Expand The Product Range, The Second 10.000 M² Production Facilities Were Established In Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. - GEONET (Drainage Composite) Production Started. - GEOGRID Production Started. - GEOCELL Production Started. - GEOTEXTILE Production Line was Established.


- Transition to 10.000 m² Modern Production Facilities in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. - Sodium Bentonite Clay Cover Production Line was Established. - 6.25-meter HDPE Geomembrane Production Line was Established. - Drainage Plate Production Line was Established. - 3rd PVC Geomembrane Production Line was Established. - Bentonite Mine in Çankırı was commissioned.


— R&D Center was Established.


- Geoplas was Established. - It was Moved to 2400 M². - 2.20 Meter PVC Geomembrane Line was Established.


— Turkey’s first 1,00 meter-wide PVC GEOMEMBRANE line was established.


- Our company started its first activities in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone with the title of SADIK ŞEREFOĞLU. - Water Retaining Tape Production Activities Started