Lawn Reinforcement Grid

Lawn Reinforcement Grid


Ground Grid

Thanks to its structural features, it prevents the soil erosion caused by vehicles, people and weather conditions, and ensures that the grass roots remain strong and grow.

Lawn reinforcement grid is an interlocking cellular floor grid system for lawn and ground reinforcement applications with regular pedestrian or vehicle use. The lawn reinforcement grid allows rainwater to enter and is produced in green from 0 recycled HDPE stabilized with UV.

Featuring Characteristics

The open cell structure of the lawn reinforcement grid allows healthy grass root growth and water intake. The design of the grid allows them to intertwine with each other and resist skidding. Once filled, it provides high load carrying performance.

Usage Areas

Parking Lots

Aircraft and Helicopter Runways

Pedestrian Walkways

Golf Cart Roads

Wheelchair Roads

Stadium Areas

Festival Areas Parks

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