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HYDROBLOCK® - PVC Waterstop Band

HYDROBLOCK® - PVC Waterstop Band

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in Insulation

PVC Waterstop Tapes are used in the expansion and contraction joints of reinforced concrete structures, in order to provide watertightness and prevent damage to the structure in construction joints formed in concrete poured at different times since the concrete pouring process is not continuous.

Measure for Water Leak and Constructional Deformation Structures are subjected to repeated horizontal and vertical pressures; also movement or compaction of the ground beneath the structure produces collapse. It is necessary to use PVC “Water Retaining Bands” in order to prevent shape changes and distortions that may occur due to these reasons and to ensure water tightness.

Area of Use

Water Channels, Water Tanks for separation, operation and filtering purposes

Sewage Systems for reinforcement, separation, and drainage and filtration purposes

To strengthen the water tightness in reinforced concrete structures,

Treatment Plants for separation, drainage and filtration

Tunnels, Subways, Bridges for separation, drainage and filtration