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HYDROBLOCK® - PVC Geomembranes - Signal Sheet

HYDROBLOCK® - PVC Geomembranes - Signal Sheet

Your assistant facilitating

damage assessment

Geomembrane, which is generally applied in concrete structures, has a high probability of impact and tearing. Signal Layer PVC Geomembrane, consisting of two layers and two colors, facilitates damage assessment in situations such as puncture, tear.

The Signal Sheet PVC Geomembrane in the damaged area grips the dark color on the bottom layer by flaking and ensures that the damage can be detected with the naked eye. Thus, damaged parts can be detected easily and intervened immediately. It can be produced in different colors.

Usage Areas


Water Tanks Treatment Facilities

Underground Parking Garages

Flat Roofs (Tafficable and Non-Trafficable)


Sewage Facilities



Basement Tanking