Antibacterial PVC Geomembrane (PVC-SD)

Antibacterial PVC Geomembrane (PVC-SD)
Technical Sheet

Odorless Bacteria-Free


Antibacterial PVC Geomembranes are especially used in water tanks and ornamental pools, and prevent water leakages, bacterial growth and odor formation.

Geomembranes are prepared with raw materials, dyestuffs and auxiliary additives during production. These are the insulation membranes formed by preparing PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) resin, filling material, dyestuff, stabilizers, and homogeneously shaped through the calendar system through necessary processes in the extruders.

Featuring Characteristics

Geomembrane that does not smell or produce bacteria is used in drinking water tanks. They are produced by using antibacterial additives that do not smell and prevent bacterial growth. Usually produced in blue.

Usage Areas


Driking Water Tank

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