Drainage Plate

Drainage Plate
Technical Sheet

Structure and Insulation

Protective Interlayer

Drainage plate creates an interlayer that will protect the structure and insulation by blocking some of the pressure from the filling material.

Drainage Plate is insulation protection and drainage material produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE) raw material. Thanks to its protruding structure, it creates air gaps between the floor and the structure, allowing the structure to take the air and drain the water around the building to the desired location. It provides protection by resisting against load and impacts occurring during back filling thanks to its high resistance. Easy to install and low cost.

Featuring Characteristics

It is a safe solution for water related problems for all structural projects. Geoplas Drainage plate protects the insulation materials while providing insulation. Protects foundation walls against moisture. Provides insulation that resists to water and environmental influences. It is a high insulation and drainage material for underground structures and large structures.

Usage Areas

In Green Roofs Applications

In Retaining Wall Insulation

In Terraces (Flat Roof), Roofs

On Foundation Walls

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