SIGNAL PLATE: It is a type of PVC GEOMEMBRANE made of a thin, light colored layer to facilitate the detection of damage. When the material is impacted, a thin layer of light color appears and the bottom dark color begins to appear. The impacted part is easily noticed when the eye is examined.

UV ADDED : It is a type of PVC GEOMEMBRANE which is made resistant to sun rays thanks to the UV catalysts used in production stage.

ANTIBACTERIAL: .It is a type of PVC GEOMEMBRANE produced by using antibacterial additives that do not smell and prevent bacterial growth.

GEOTEXTILE LAMINATED: Geotextile, an auxiliary product in geomembrane application, is a PVC GEOMEMBRANE type obtained by laminating to the desired surface of geomembrane. It provides ease of application, ensures adhesion to the applied surface, forms a protective layer and a solid layer. Especially in outdoor terraces and trapeze roof applications, it removes geomembrane movements due to heat changes.

T-GRİP : The PVC GEOMEMBRANE model is a T-shaped nails that keeps the geomembrane adhered to the concrete and adheres to it and extends continuously along the roller.