The Geoplas plastic grid system is a grid system that transforms grass into lawns, vehicle paths and passageways.
This system is has been produced as an alternative to grass parquet stones that overheat and damage the grass, especially in summer.
The Geoplas plastic grid system is larger than similar products on the market
There are cells; this feature gives more roots to the grass and roots facilitates to grab the soil in the ground.
Its structural features allow grass roots to remain strong and grow by preventing soil erosion caused by vehicles, people and weather conditions.
The honeycomb structure is designed to provide maximum strength in the distribution of loads and pressures.
With its hollow structure and design, it allows the use of different types of filling materials.


* BASE LAYER: Min. A sand-gravel mixture of 15 cm thickness is laid and compressed by 95%.
* FILRATION : Geotextile is applied on the base layer for separation-filtration function.

* GRADING LAYER: This layer is min. 5 cm thick sand-soil mixture and should be suitable for plant life (vegetation).
* INSTALLATION AND CROSSING: The entire surface is covered with lockable grates and the cells are filled with the soil of the vegetation and the grass seeds are spread all over the area. Seeds over me min. It is closed with 1.5 cm vegetative soil and compression is performed. The whole area is watered.